We decided to work with Carol after an introductory meet and greet session. We thought she was perceptive and delightful. We really liked that she also has a lifetime of experience in skill development emphasizing what builds love and respect. In our sessions she was a keen observer, sensitive, and practical with us in problem solving. In a dynamic and compassionate way she led us to a huge breakthrough in how we could listen to each other and refine our approach to conflict resolution. She built on that by providing us with the skills and training to help us get ourselves back to a loving and compatible place. Something we really appreciated was that she gave us a lot of great handouts. We still refer back to them. What we as a couple came away with in the end was a shared sense of humor, good will and useful navigation skills to get ourselves past our sticking points. Our love has grown amazingly.  In short, Carol helped us to give our 37 years of marriage a deep refresh. We will always be thankful that we worked with her.  O & J

What’s makes working with Carol so effective is her ability to call it like it is.  She uses a direct approach, and while she is an extremely good listener, and asks great, probing questions, she doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is either.  When I was in counseling with my soon-to-be husband she was very direct in telling each of us how our actions made the other feel and what we needed to do differently if we wanted to build a stronger relationship.  She also has lots of different tools (personality test, innovated therapy treatments) that she uses to vary her approach and help in your development.

Carol, working with you has been and continues to be a valuable tool in helping us to begin our journey as a renewed couple.   You are both assertive and compassionate at the appropriate times.  You are equal to each of us in your guidance and direction.  Your input to our most intimate issues is welcome and comforting. Our Grateful Thanks, C & G

We thank you for helping us negotiate our way toward this big day, and for giving us some very useful and necessary skills and insights for improving our communication and keeping on the bright side of love.  K & C

Thank you so much for your guidance and “tool-set” as we begin the process of healing and reconnecting as a couple. You’ve been a blessing in our lives. S & A

Carol Ruth has helped us learn new and fascinating things about ourselves and our relationship.  We really feel like she listens and understands what we go through.  Her ideas and suggestions come from a place of true caring.  E & J

We went to a number of couple therapists through Group Health but were continually frustrated and finally decided to go outside the system to try to find someone who really understood couple dynamics. We interviewed several potential therapists by phone and Carol stood out for her clarity and empathy. Through our work with Carol, we’ve made improvements in our relationship that have lasted several years.  We’re glad to know that Carol is available whenever we want a “tune up.” We recommend her to other couples we know who are seeking couple therapy.